Salon Services

  • Natural hair
  • Braids
  • Dreadlocks
  • Relaxers
  • Hair extensions
    • Infsion Hair Extensions
    • Tape in
    • Micro Links
    • sew in 
    • sew w/ closure
    • sew w/ frontal
    • vixen sew in
    • wig install
    • Crochet Braids
  • Color
    • Color Correction
    • All Over Color
    • Highlights
    • Retouch
    • Tinting
    • Balayage 
  • Cuts
  • Custom wigs
  • Waxing
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Eyebrow tinting
  •  Manicures/pedicures
  • Acrylic & gel nails
  • “No chip” polish
  • Nail art/bling
  •  Wedding parties
  • Princess parties
  • Special occasions     

Hair Extension Services

Full Install w/ Natural Leave Out

This is a standard installation with all of the hair braided up, with just enough hair left out to cover the weft of the extensions.

Versatile Install

With this service enough hair is left out to achieve a high ponytail or bun, including the natural leave out. This style is ideal for those who work out.

Full Install w/ No Leave Out

For those who love the luxury of not having to manage your own hair, this style is the perfect solution. All of the hair is braided up while still being able to achieve a natural look. 

Full Install w/ Lace Closure

This installation also provides the perk of not having to focus on the upkeep of your hair. The only difference is that you are able to have a more natural appearance with the illusion of a natural part provided with a lace closure.

Lace Frontal Installment

Includes sew-in, installment, cut and style.
[Frontals typically last 2-6 weeks.]
*Hair is not provided!

2-Part Flip Over Install

This is a more high-end installation which presents the option of having two sections of leave out allowing two different scalp parts. This service requires a generous amount of fullness and length in one's natural hair to still provide fullness throughout.

3-Part Flip Over Install

This install is very similar to the 2-part install, but rather than two scalp parts, there are three parts. This service requires a generous amount of fullness and length in one's natural hair to still provide fullness throughout.

Vixen Install

To the individuals who love to change up the look of their hair and want a great amount of versatility, this is the method to your madness! This is a four quadrant install that allows the hair to be styled in different ways. A substantial amount of hair and fullness is required to receive the desired look. In addition, since caring for your natural hair is equally important to us, this style is best suited for individuals with relaxed or naturally straight hair to decrease the risk of heat damage from constant straightening. 

Brazilian Knot Extensions

specializing in the Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions. This is a terrific way to achieve the look of natural flowing hair. With these extensions, you can add length & volume, the scalp is able to breathe as your hair receives a break from wigs, sew-ins, braids and other protective hairstyles all while treating your natural hair. Brazillian Knots are 100% SAFE, Promotes healthy hair growth and will give you the complete natural & glamorous look with so much versatility!

Wig/Wig Install

This service allows one to have the extensions created into wig form with the effortless ability to remove it and have it re-installed

Touch up

Needing your install shampooed? This is the service for you! This includes a shampoo, tighten up, and a style.

Instant Extension

This is commonly known as a quick weave. Your extensions will be bonded onto a cap for a temporary look, lasting you anywhere from 2-3 weeks


Nails, Wax, and Lash Services



Acrylic nails are a basic, affordable way to enhance your nails. Acrylic nails protect against breakage and other forms of nail damage, and they are an excellent solution for those with growth problems. Joni's Beauty Bar offers acrylic nails with or without art.

Pink & White

Pink & white nails are a classic, popular look. Joni's Beauty Bar uses a non-yellowing formula via a double process: White powder is used for sculpturing the free edge, and pink powder for sculpturing the nail bed.

UV Gel

UV gel nails are an excellent cover for natural nails that has grown popular as of late. With their transparency and lightness, UV gel nails have more of a natural appearance and feel than acrylic nails, yet they are just as strong. A hybrid of gel and polish is brushed on then cured using a LED nail lamp, drying in less than a minute! The quick drying makes this option perfect for wedding parties and other large groups. Joni's Beauty Bar offers UV gel nails with or without art.


A Joni's Beauty Bar manicure is a MUST! In addition to the massage, the natural nails are shaped, any hard, dry cuticles are removed, and the nails are polished. Joni's Beauty Bar offers a Basic Manicure and a 14-Day Manicure.


Your Joni's Beauty Bar Experience should include a pedicure. Joni's Beauty Bar offers a Basic Pedicure that includes a soak, shaping the nails, removing hard, dry cuticles, a massage, and polishing the nails. The Lemon Pedicure is the Basic Pedicure plus a lemon soak, exfoliating scrub, mud mask, and a hot towel wrap. Joni's Beauty Bar also offers the Lemon Pedicure with Paraffin Wax and the Lemon Pedicure with Minx.


Are you ready to really stand out in the crowd? Choose Minx! Minx nails are a popular fashion statement. They are film that is shrink-wrapped via heat over natural, acrylic, or gel nails. Minx nails don’t require drying and come in a variety of colors and designs.Joni's Beauty Bar is a Minx Certified salon.


Make it a mother-daughter day with your little princess! Nikki’s Nails offers kids’ services that include Basic Polish, Princess Manicure, Princess Pedicure, 14-Day Princess Manicure, and 14-Day Princess Pedicure.


Do you have unsightly body hair? Not for long! Nikki’s Nails offers waxing of the eyebrows, chin, lip, and underarms, so include this service in your Nikki's Experience.


Ever thought of adding a little drama to your look? Interested in adding modest length? We have the answer! Joni's Beauty Bar offers individual eyelash application using ARDELL’s professional lashes.

Eyebrow Tinting                                           

Eyebrow tint is a form of semi-permanent hair-dye formulated specifically for use on the eyebrows